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N-Gage Fitness is a woman-owned small business that offers fitness and wellness programs for individuals, groups and corporate partners designed to strengthen the body, calm and center the mind and improve the overall quality of life


Founder and Owner, Nicole Moress designed N-Gage Fitness to create a synergy in helping you achieve the healthiest way(s) of living life. N-Gage offers varied services from private fitness coaching, group fitness, private yoga and group yoga classes. Nicole will begin teaching trauma-informed yoga and meditation classes to those who are experiencing PTSD, TBI, Moral Injury and MST to active service members and Veterans.


N-Gage's services can be used together or individually. We offer a wide variety of programs because we didn't want to just train people to look great. We believe that it takes more than just being fit to live a happy life and that's why we created a passionate team that understands all aspects of health and wellness. 


You will never receive the same workout, yoga class or meditation class as other clients. We know that every individual is different. Once we understand you, we craft a plan that is tailored for just you.

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