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What our clients have to say...

Barbara Donovan

I highly recommend Nicole of N-Gage Fitness! I need motivation and goals to keep me on track of my fitness routines. Nicole loves what she does and is patient and non-judgemental in her style of personal trainings.

Richard Boyer

Cummins developed a stretching program for all our staff to be completed before the beginning of each shift.  I hired Nicole to come in and professionally teach my staff the proper methods for stretching.  

Candace Thorpe

Nicole is outstanding! My goal through (in home) fitness was to not necessarily drop pounds, but inches and feel healthy! Nicole is motivating, takes no excuses, pushed me further than I thought I could go and did it with a smile.

Dr. William Nash

Nicole is amazing. Her credentials say she is a certified fitness trainer and yoga instructor, and she is every bit of that. She is a master of her crafts. But she is way more. She is a coach, confidant, motivator.

Narwan/Town Center Orthopaedic Associates PC/COO

I wanted a trainer that understood my needs and could help me achieve my goals without causing any complications.  Nicole was god sent! I’ve been training with Nicole for almost 2 years now, and believe she is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I started personal one-on-one training sessions with her and she has been amazing. 

Jane Forman

I was looking for a personal trainer to come to my gym in the Apartment building.  My objectives in hiring her were to get back into shape, lose some weight, increase my strength, and force me to stick to a regime!

Julie & Steve Mills

Nicole is a great trainer!  She comes to our house and works with both my husband and me.  We are in our early 60’s and our motivation in working with Nicole is to improve our fitness and stamina.

Nicole (owner) of N-Gage Fitness is a one of a kind trainer. She listens to your concerns, goals and overall lifestyle needs and works out a plan with you. I have lost weight, learned to eat healthy, gotten stronger and feel so much better.

Margie Gillman

Byron H.

I met with Nicole in late October 2018 to discuss a fitness plan to help me lose weight.  At that time I weighed 267lbs, my training with Nicole is still on going, but I have gained a large amount of muscle, dropped body fat and now weigh 222lbs.

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