Making time for the gym can be tough. That's why we offer in-home personal training outdoors, in your home or apartment gym at your convenience!. All equipment necessary will be provided. Your certified trainer will create a customized workout plan that is for you and only you. Every workout is creative, challenging and based on your goals.
Personal Training should be exactly that, and that is what N-Gage will always promise to you. 


Let's get outside and get our sweat on!  Enjoy a circuit style class in one of the many beautfiul outdoor locations around Reston.  Lake Newport, Lake Anne and many more.

We offer a few different options:

Option 1: Cardio class (for all levels) 

Option 2: Cardio plus strength training afterwards - modifications are provided.



Looking for ways to manage your stress, improve flexibility? Our yoga classes offer exactly that.  Classes are geared to either a vinyasa flow or yin yoga for a slower paced and longer hold in your asanas.

Individual and Group classes are offered outdoors. 


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