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Specializing In The Optimization of Women's Health & Fitness throughout Perimenopause, Menopause and Beyond.

I am thrilled you are here.  I take pride in shedding light on this time period in a woman's life.  You do NOT need to suffer, you do not just accept that all you are going through is just the way it is.  I am here to work with you to become the healthiest version of yourself.

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If you are interested in In Person or Online Coaching / Programming please fill out this form and I will respond as soon as possible.

Have you tried reaching your goal(s) inthe past?


Athletic Woman With Kettlebells

Welcome to a personalized fitness journey that goes beyond the traditional client-coach dynamic – it's a genuine relationship. Following our in-depth consultation, I craft a fully customized fitness program that evolves alongside your unique needs. Specifically designed to address the physical and mental shifts of Perimenopause, Menopause and Beyond, your tailored program ensures a holistic approach to your well-being.

What You Can Expect:

  1. Tailored Programs: Your fitness journey starts with a program as unique as you are.

  2. Downloadable App with Video Library: Access a wealth of instructional videos through our user-friendly app.

  3. Video Critiques: Receive valuable feedback on your workouts for continuous improvement.

  4. Program Modification for Travel: Stay on track wherever life takes you with travel-friendly adjustments.

  5. Nutrition Guidance with Premium Service App Access: Elevate your nutrition game with expert advice and exclusive app features.

  6. Accountability: We're committed to your success, providing the support you need to stay on course.

  7. Daily Messaging Access to Nicole: Reach out whenever you need guidance, motivation, or simply a friendly chat.

  8. Monthly Zoom Check-In: Stay connected with a monthly check-in to discuss progress and set new goals.

Embark on a fitness journey that's not just about achieving goals but fostering a lasting connection for your well-being. It's time to experience fitness on a whole new level.

  • *Nicole is accepting a select few clients to train in person. To apply, please complete the questionnaire above.

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Have experience with strength training and familiar with basic lifts? 

If you are looking for a more economical option and do not want or need 

input from Nicole on a daily basis this is the perfect choice!

Are you feeling stuck in doing the same exercises week after week

month after month and not receiving the results you used to?

Prefer to have a professional do the programming for you?  

This is the program for you!

Similar to Nicole's curated programming minus the hands on approach

 you will receive access to

her training app and access to the premium subscription of Cronometer

to log food.


Please check out my shop for program pricing! 


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