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Specializing In The Optimization of Women's Health & Fitness throughout Perimenopause and Menopause.

I am thrilled you are here.  I take pride in shedding light on this time period in a woman's life.  You do NOT need to suffer, you do not just accept that all you are going through is just the way it is.  I am here to work with you to become the healthiest version of yourself.

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A middle aged strong athlete is doing st

This is a relationship - you are not a client and I am not just your coach. After a consultation I create a completely custom fitness program that will change over time to adapt to your needs.  Your custom program will take into account the physical and mental changes you are currently encountering in Perimenopause or Menopause.  

What Is Included:

  • Customized Programs

  • Downloadable App with video library

  • Video Critiques

  • Program modification for travel 

  • Nutrition Guidance with Premium Service access to App.

  • Accountability

  • Daily messaging access to Nicole

  • Monthly Zoom Check In

  • No  Contracts


So many women desire to lose body fat, to gain muscle, to feel better in our bodies and in our clothes.  I know I do!


But 90% of women who have been on this journey over and over again. Do you find yourself hopping from training program to training program, the next popular diet.  You say to yourself, the next thing is going to be what makes the shift in attaining your desired goals, but you find this a never ending achievement .  You may find temporary success but to a few months later you are not keeping the weight off or the willpower to eat more nutritious foods.

Nicole has been highly trained in a well known program that will help guide you to eliminate the non serving narratives we often do not realize we tell ourselves.  To flip the script and create serving narratives that will stop self sabotaging behaviours.   Are you ready to stop the endless cycle that is getting you know where?  Let's start today! 

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