Corporate Wellness Programs for Employees 
  • Reduce your health care costs by 26%
  • Reduce the risk of absenteeism by an average of 26.8%
  • Reduce Workmans Compensation and Disability Management Claims by 32%
  • Did you know that companies spent more than $19,616 per employee for family coverage and $6,896 for single coverage in 2018? *Source: KFF Foundation
  • Employees will pay more than $4K on their own healthcare** Source: National Business Group on Health


  • “Research demonstrates that multicomponent workplace wellness programs can be an important strategy in preventing and reducing obesity. A number of reviews have found these initiatives can pay for themselves by increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism. They also have been shown to reduce weight, body fat and BMI, and increase physical activity." 




N-Gage Fitness works with your company in crafting a program that will jumpstart your company's goals and help establish an overall healthier and happier workplace environment. By creating a complete health risk appraisal, we increase interest by offering 'Lunch & Learn' sessions, interaction with our instructors, and offering more in-depth classes for all levels of fitness. 


Our retention module is key to a successful wellness program. Offerings may include (but are not limited to): varying motivation modules with team challenges, reward-based processes, and meditation training that helps to reduce stress and relieve pain points throughout the body.


We will work with your company to design a program that will be most beneficial for your employees and overall workplace. 



  • Group & Individual Fitness Training


  • Group & Individual Yoga Classes


  • 30-minute lunchtime and after-work Mindfulness Based Meditation (MSBR)


  • Lunch-and-Learn Sessions


  • Running Programs to train for local races and other team building programs that promote healthy competition and improves physical and mental health.


  • Safety programs to maintain OSHA compliance and lower employee compensation claims.




Pricing varies upon activity and location, please contact Nicole Moress for more detailed information.


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