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Making The Most Of Opportunity

op·por·tu·ni·ty ˌäpərˈt(y)o͞onədē/ noun a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. synonyms: chance, lucky chance, favorable time/occasion/moment, time, right set of circumstances, occasion, moment, opening, option, window (of opportunity), turn, go, possibility;

Opportunities present themselves to us daily, but whether we choose to recognize or take advantage of them is a whole other animal. Keeping ourselves open to them, standing still for a moment, listening to ourselves and what we intuitively need will help us recognize and grasp opportunities. Oftentimes I hear from my clients that they don’t have the opportunity to make time for themselves, the opportunity to excel at work and reach for the next level, the opportunity to push ones self in a workout to go up in weights, increase ones running pace or mileage or to literally take time out to breathe.

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, they are all not going to be big “fish” and in fact a lot of opportunities tend to be ones that are when you give back to someone, you are not necessarily on the receiving end.

Take 5 minutes out of your day today, begin by bringing focus to your breath for 1 minute and then take a pen and paper and write down what opportunities you have today, to give back to someone else or to begin to pave a path for a personal goal, what you can do to act on the opportunities and create a path for YOU.

Someone said once “the door of opportunity swings on unexpected hinges”. This is so true, and the more we open our hearts and minds to opportunity the more we will empower ourselves to excel and succeed personally and professionally in life.

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